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Kleim’s Hardy - Gardening Plants And Flowers
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Gardenia Kleim’s - Gardening Plants And Flowers
Gardenia jasminoides ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ - Gardening Plants And Flowers
Kleim’s Hardy Gardenia - Gardening Plants And Flowers

Gardenia Jasminoides Kleim’s Hardy Shrub 1 Gallon Container Live Plants

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The Kleim’s Hardy Gardenia shrub offers an amazing display with its exotic, creamy white flowers and unique strong aroma.

The hardiest of the gardenia jasminoides family, this dwarf sized evergreen shrub offers a beautiful option for low growing gardenias in containers, raised beds, and in the foreground of borders or foundation plantings. Even when not in bloom, the glossy dark green leaves will remain visually appealing year round.

Blooming in late spring to early summer, the white flower buds and fragrant blooms will light up any planting site, entryway or patio for anyone who walks by. A popular evergreen shrub with thick leaves that is seen in South Carolina, the plant may lose some of its leaves in fall making it slightly deciduous.

Gardenia Planting

Grow this flowering shrub sometimes called Cape Jasmine across the United States in USDA growing zones 7-10. Only a slightly cold hardy gardenia, the Kleims prefers warmer climates of the South.

The best planting time is early spring or fall. It can grow up to  2-3 feet tall and wide at full maturity making it an excellent small flowering plant.

Although tolerant of a wide variety of soils, the Kleim’s Hardy Gardenia performs best in slightly acidic soils, that are well draining soils with plenty of organic matter rich with nutrients.  Plant the Kleims gardenia in an area where it can receive full sun to partial shade. More afternoon shade may be required during the hottest seasons of the year but morning sun is best.

Planting the Gardenia Kleim’s is easy. It is an acid loving plant that is fairly low maintenance; however it requires a little bit of TLC during the first year of planting to establish a strong root system. This care includes watering gardenias thoroughly and mulching with material such as compost or peat moss.


- Low maintenance
- Fragrant
- Year-round interest
- Evergreen


    Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides ‘Kleim’s Hardy’
    Foliage Color: Green 
    Flower Color: White 
    Mature Height: 3 ft  
    Mature Width: 3 ft 
    Zones: 7-10 
    Sunlight: Full sun / Partial shade

    Package list: 1 x Kleim's Hardy Gardenia Live Plant in a nursery container with soil.

    Kleims Gardenia Care

    A low release acid fertilizers in early spring can also help the hardy gardenia jasminoides kleim hardy during the first few years against pests and diseases. Watch for yellowing leaves or sooty mold, which are common diseases and problems that may arise.

    It is best to prune this shrub only after it has flowered, since pruning sooner will remove its potential flower buds. Prune the gardenia by deadheading the spent flower blossoms so new fragrant flowers can appear during the growing season.

    It is not recommended to grow your gardenia indoors although we have heard positive stories of this being possible as long as it receives enough sunlight.

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