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Loropetalum Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower 1 Gallon / 3 Gallon Container

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The Ruby Loropetalum shrub, also known as Chinese Fringe Flower shrub, makes for a delightfully bright addition to any landscape.

Its beautiful hot pink flowers and ruby red purple foliage deliver lasting color in a compact bush.
The eye catching clusters of rich pink fringe flower blooms will appear in early spring. The deep purple colored leaves of this evergreen shrub will provide color all year round.

Dark burgundy foliage is a beautiful sight in any landscape.
Plant this colorful flowering shrub as a foundation planting accents to your home, mass plantings, or as a statement piece in your landscape.

It will be sure to bring some looks as a loropetalum shrub border too with its reddish purple leaves.

You can even keep loropetalum in a container if you desire.
The ruby loropetalum chinense’s mass of fringe-like blossoms is softly fragrant, showy, and will bloom continuously over several months.

This loropetalum plant is low maintenance, drought tolerant, and deer resistant.

It is also resistant to pests and diseases.
It’s bright pink blossoms in the spring and shiny ruby and green foliage make it a great choice for many landscapes. Some call it the Chinese witch hazel plant because it is native to China, Japan, and Asia and is in the witch hazel family

- Drought resistant
- Deer resistant
- Low maintenance
- Showy flowers

Botanical Name: Loropetalum chinense 'Ruby'
Foliage Color: Green, Burgundy
Flower Color: Pink
Mature Height: 3-5 ft
Mature Width: 3-5 ft
Zones: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Sunlight: Full Sun / Partial Shade

Package list: 1 x Loropetalum Ruby Chinese Fringe Flower Live Plant in a nursery container with soil.

Loropetalum Care

Ruby Loropetalum plant prefers full sun to partial shade. The dark purple colorful foliage demands that the root systems stay in well drained soil types. It likes the soil moist but does not like wet feet or the shrub will contract root rot and potentially die. Slightly acidic soils are okay too. A thick 2 inch layer of mulch or organic matter applied around the root zone will help retain moisture during the hotter months.
This low maintenance, lush purple shrub has become quite the staple in Southern yards! It is easy to grow in USDA growing zones 7-11. Planting loropetalum in the spring growing season is best for optimum growth. You can apply a slow release fertilizer annually in early spring to stimulate flower production and keep your loro ruby bush looking healthy. 
Not as large as it’s sister – Zhuzhou Loropetalum. The Ruby Loropetalum size can grow up to 3-5 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide at mature height and is considered semi dwarf with a round growth habit. The Ruby Loropetalum growth rate is slow, only up to 6 inches-12 inches per year.
You can prune this shrub into a small tree if desired. Loropetalum bushes tolerate heavy pruning and bounce back with intense vigor. Always be sure to prune off any dead or diseased branches if you loropetalum looks bad.
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