How To Grow Alyssum From Seed

Alyssum (Lobularia Maritima) is a great option for rock gardens, borders or containers; easy to start from seed indoors or directly into the garden according to your local climate.

Alyssum is a lovely ground cover with tiny white, pink, rose, lavender, purple, apricot or white blossoms that emit a unique fragrance.

In warm climates without frost, Alyssum can be grown throughout the fall and winter.

Alyssum develops quickly and often stops flowering in hot weather.

Most varieties will fade in the heat, but bloom again in the fall. Rebloom can be encouraged by cuting back spent flowers.

The sweet smelling flowers have the same scent of honey and are very appealing to bees, flower flies, stingless wasps, butterflies and hummingbirds. 

It will thrive even in inner city environments and is actually highly tolerant of urban pollution. It can be spread through cuttings.


Sow Alyssum seeds in early spring when the danger of frost has passed, in full sun to partial shade.

Seeds do not need pre-treatment prior to planting. Alyssum requires evenly moist, well-drained soil or may die if grown in water soaked soil. 

Sow seeds indoors: in flats 6-8 weeks before the last average frost date in your region.

In the garden: sow directly outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. Plant Alyssum ground cover in full sun or half shade, in a well draining soil.
For baskets and containers, make sure there is adequate drainage.


Planting Steps:

Setup Alyssum seeds in flats indoors, or well-amended soil outside and free of weeds.

✅ Fill a seed tray or pots with seed compost and water it well.

✅ Sow the Alyssum seeds onto the surface of the compost. Don’t cover seeds, but just press them lightly into the surface of the soil as light will aid in germination. However, you can cover the Alyssum seed with a thin layer of compost or vermiculite.

✅ Keep the soil moist until germination. Place the tray or pots in a propagator or cover with a plastic bag to help keep the compost moist. Keep the tray or pots in a warm location at 70-75°F (21°-24°C) 

✅ Alyssum seeds should germinate within 7-14 days.

✅ Once the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into pots or in the garden; choose a sunny location with well-draining soil.
Consider to transplant Alyssum seedlings when they have at least two sets of leaves and the outdoor temperature is consistent above 60 Fahrenheit (16°C). When transplanting allow 6 inches of space between plants. For containers place seedlings in high quality, well-draining potting mix and allow 6-12 inches of space between plants, depending on the variety.

✅ Water plants thoroughly and regularly, taking care not to overwater.
✅ Alyssum plant will self-sow and provide you year after year of fragrance and color in mild climates. Alyssum seeds often germinate the next spring and provide some plants for the following growing season. 
Alyssum groundcover is ideal for edging the flower garden producing an abundance of tiny blooms that give a charming mounding appearance. 
This spreading plant requires little or no maintenance and is resistant to heat and drought.
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