How To Grow Astilbe From Seed

Astilbe is a lovely perennial with compact fern-like foliage and feathery plumes of flowers that have a strong and pleasant fragrance.

Astilbe bloom from early summer until fall, ranging in colors from white to deep burgundy. 

Depending on the variety, astilbes blossom from early to late summer. Early flowering varieties begin to bloom in late May or June while late bloomers begin in late July or early August.

Astilbe blooms attract butterflies and make excellent cut flowers.

Astilbe thrive in partial shade and needs 4-6 hours of sun for a gorgeous flower display.

It can do well in full sun, but will need shade in the afternoon in hot summer areas. If planted in full shade the Astilbe plants will not bloom well due to the lack of light, but will display a beautiful foliage. 

Astilbe plants do best in moist (not wet) soils. They require rich soil with lots of compost or humus mixed in that has a slightly acidic pH (6.0).

Plant astilbe in spring or fall.  

Astilbe flower seed is usually sown indoors in early spring and transplanted outside when the weather is warmer.  

  • ✅ Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the average last frost in your area.
  • ✅ Use a soft, loose soil mix.
  • ✅ Sprinkle seeds on the top of the soil and press them lightly. Astilbe seed needs light to germinate.
  • ✅ Keep temperature at 65-70°F
  • ✅ Keep the soil moist, but not wet. Make sure that the soil drains well.  
  • ✅ The most effective way to prevent seed from washing away is to use a spray watering bottle.
  • ✅ A little fertilizer that has a high concentration of nitrogen it will help the germination.
  • ✅ Astilbe seed germination occurs within 4-5 weeks. If not, place the container into a zip-lock bag and refrigerate for 4 weeks. Remove and germinate at 65-70°F.
  • ✅ Transplant seedlings outdoors when reach about 2 inches in height and the soil is warm.
  • ✅ Space astilbe plants 18 to 24 inches apart. 



- Water Astilbe regularly, check them to make sure they are moist. 
Astilbes spread quickly and form broad clumps. Divide the overgrown clumps every 3 to 4 years in the spring. At your choice, replant the divisions immediately or put them in pots to be planted out in the early summer when they are re-established.
- Removing the flower heads will not promote flowering. 
- After blooming has finished for the season, clip off any spent flower stems and astilbes will continue to provide attractive foliage until fall.
- Feel free to trim yellow leaves and fresh growth will come next spring.
Grow a beautiful Astilbe garden with ease, using Astilbe Seeds. Each pack contains 300 seeds, enough to start your own Astilbe garden. Planting instructions are included, making it simple to successfully cultivate your own Astilbe flowers.
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